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Another MTBR.com review

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Here’s another person looking at the various mountain bike videos out there. They compare West Coast Style to two other videos…and walk away saying ours is the one they’d buy. Thanks!

“If I could only purchase one of these videos, I’d probably buy West Coast Style – Mountain Biking. It covers the basics and a bit beyond, the presentation is good, there are some interesting action sequences, and the production values are good.”

Read it here!


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I just found this review of Freeride Fundamentals on MTBR.com. It’s nice to hear people say good things!

“I posted this on another site also…I just finished watching WCS – Freeride Fundamentals and it was really awesome. Very good for anyone just starting out or looking to clean up their skills.
It also ties into the other thread about women in bike films…The instructors in this one were women.
I highly recommend it.
Enjoy the weekend,

Read it here!

The New Digital Store & Green Initiative

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Our old shopping cart system was never really built for digital goods, like our eBooks and mobile device videos. Plus, we find that we sell less and less DVD’s. So we are proud to announce the new West Coast Style Digital Store.

This will make it really easy find the lessons and subjects you want.  Then download them anywhere in the world.

If your interested in DVD’s then simply go to our products page.  Click on the DVD you want and place the order through CreateSpace.  This is our new Amazon.com fulfillment system.  We know longer need to keep a lot of inventory on hand.  It helps with our overall green initiative to limit waste.


West Coast Style

$199 (each)

Instantly download any
for your portable device
or computer